Imran Afzal

Principal Designer at Co-op Digital
“It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves” - Edmund Hillary
"When I create something, I always remind myself that this might be the last thing I create..."
An illustration of mountains, with a logo in colour beside them. The logo resembles a mountain, but also shows the initials 'IA' for Imran's full name Mountains represent the challenges Imran has faced in the UX Design space

About Imran

Imran is a Principal Designer at Co-op with 16 years of experience with design, product and delivery. He has spoken at events such as UX London, Converge, GDS Day and many others.

Imran has designed a wide range of products, leading multidisciplinary teams to deliver metric-shifting value. He is a facilitator of research, workshops and collaborative design. Imran has developed UX and research capability from the ground up at different organisations, growing several design teams.

At Co-op, Imran is part of the Food CX leadership team, and leads the interaction design discipline. He spends a lot of time coaching teams, designing and facilitating workshops and mentoring designers.

An illutration of Imran, side on. He's wearing a baseball cap, glasses and a smart shirt.

“The wall cannot separate the olive tree from its roots”


Imran has spoken at many events hosted by different organisations.

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